© Jenny Schäfer




NEW RELEASE: "The unknown" by Jenny Schäfer materializing the "illusion of linear time" and her thoughts about postapocalyptic memories.

Mixed Media: Photo in acrylic block, plaster object & „Leckmuschel“, edition of 50 + 5 AP, 2019, 10 x 15 cm for € 160,00. Certificate of authenticity is included.

© Miguel Ferraz Araú

Framed Bodies // Fluid Imaginations

Angela Anzi, Sevda Güler, Rosanna Graf, Sarah Hablützel, Signe Raunkjaer Holm, Soyon Jung, Linda Lebeck, Katja Lell und Jenny Schäfer

06.09.2019, 19 Uhr
7. – 29.09. 2019
Alte Holstenbrauerei in Neumünster